Trading in the Wilds

This last week i had the opportunity to start fleshing out  how traders are going to work.  Players will come across traders in their travels who are willing to buy a single resource and selling a single resource.  I wanted to create supply and demand style system when it came to approaching traders.  Right now this is all random for the mvp to see if this concept is even fun.

Right now everything is sort of random and using timers instead of players location.  This way i can test my ideas quickly and see if the over all system works before I try to ask the player to walk around in a physical space.

I do plan on creating a ton of betas and alphas for players to try. I might put together a beta sign up / mailing list, not sure yet. 

This week is another coding week so I'll be working on wrapping up the trader then working on a combat encounter next and next week I'll be working on another art test in between freelancing work.


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