I Made a Moped....I Think

It's been a long time since I've textured a model, haha. So this took me way longer than I thought and I'm not 100% happy with the unwrap or the texture work but we're going to call it MVP done, after I finish the decals and fx, maybe ! :) There is way more to do and if I can get around to updating it I will.  I have a list of things on Trello ( Pictured Above ) where I'm keeping track of most of my work. 

I'm kind of adding things as I go and editing things here and there. Trello allows me to easily plan items in my list and move them into different verticals when progress is being made. I keep an Idea list, which since I don't have a design document most of my design conversation goes in there for the time being. I've also created completed verticals for each month, or I plan to so I can see historically which months got the most complete here and there. This won't be super accurate because I will have some things that take way longer to do but that's fine for now.

Next on my list is to build out the mvp bot fights / encounters. For the mvp test it's going to be super simple and just some dice rolls, I don't want to spend too much time coding up any single area because I want to get testing the core concept with some friends and family as soon as possible. Once I feel good about the basic mvp, which may or may not have more visuals to it I will start to flesh out the mvp that uses the players GPS if they'd like to play the game that way.

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